Black Cutworm Moth Capture Update

April 23, 1999
Black cutworm moth captures continue to be reported throughout much of Illinois. However, the number of intense flights (nine or more moths caught over a 1- to 2-day period) remains rather low. For the period of April 8 through 16, intense flights were observed in the following counties: Champaign (4/15), Clinton (4/14), Douglas (4/14), Fayette (4/10), Jefferson (4/16), Logan (4/15), Macon (4/9 and 4/10), Macoupin (4/9 and 4/10), McLean (4/16), and Whiteside (4/9). Our thanks go to the following organizations for providing this trapping information: Bo Jac Seed (Logan County), Pc Ltd. (Cerro Gordo), Westridge Ag (Douglas County), Wyffels Hybrids (Whiteside County), AgriPride FS (Clinton County), Woolsey Brothers (Fayette County), UAP Carlinville, and Cargill Hybrid Seeds (McLean County). More recent intense flights occurred in Macoupin County (Carlinville, Novartis Seed) on April 16 and 18. In an upcoming issue of the Bulletin we intend to publish a table of projected cutting dates based on intense captures of moths reported throughout early April. So stay tuned and look for this information in future newsletter articles.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray