It's Time to Order Your New Field Crop Scouting Manual

April 23, 1999
It's time to order the brand-new and greatly revised edition of the Illinois Field Crop Scouting Manual. This spiral-bound manual includes over 200 color photographs of diseases, insects, and weeds. In addition, the manual provides useful tips on identification of pests, scouting procedures, economic thresholds, and keys for insects and weeds. Unlike previous editions of the scouting manual that relied primarily on line drawings, this new edition provides full-color photographs of pests and the injury they cause. The manual was designed to be very durable and should serve as a valuable tool for any crop protection and production professional. To order your new manual, please call (800)345-6087 or use our fax number: (217)333-3917. E-mail orders may be directed to Scouting manuals sell for $40 per copy, plus shipping; MasterCard and VISA accepted. Information on special bulk rates may be obtained by calling the toll-free number mentioned above.--Mike Gray
Author: Mike Gray