Plant Clinic Opens May 3

April 16, 1999
The University of Illinois Plant Clinic will open May 3. The plant clinic is a seasonal service offered by University of Illinois Extension during May through mid-September. Services include plant, weed, and insect identification; diagnosis of plant disease and insect and chemical injury; nematode analysis; and help with nutrient problems. The plant clinic also provides recommendations for all diagnoses. The clinic's director is Nancy Pataky; she has been with the clinic for 22 of its 24 years of operation. The clinic is operated through the Department of Crop Sciences but relies on research and Extension expertise from other departments as well.

Field crops account for 55 percent of clinic samples. The clinic also processes a large number of woody and nonwoody ornamentals, fruit, vegetable, and turf samples. In an average year, approximately 2,600 samples are processed. The clinic is the most helpful in providing specific tests, laboratory backup, or an unbiased opinion based on plant samples and information submitted.

When you submit samples, remember that the quality of the sample and information you provide is very important for an efficient and accurate diagnosis. Try to provide a complete sample, photos, and facts concerning symptom development over time, cultural practices, chemicals and rates used, fertility practices, local weather information, soil type, and any other relevant information. Plant specimen data forms to guide you through this information-retrieval process are available at local University of Illinois Extension units or by calling the clinic at (217)333-0519.

The mailing address for the clinic is as follows: Plant Clinic, 1401 W. St. Mary's Road, Urbana, IL 61802. Fees for all submissions depend on tests requested. Samples will not be processed before May 3.--Suzanne Bissonnette

Author: Suzanne Bissonnette