Calling All Scouts--Report Insect Counts Online by E-mail

April 16, 1999
Last summer we developed an online reporting form that allowed individuals to report counts of western corn rootworm adults obtained from monitoring soybean fields with Pherocon AM yellow sticky traps. From all of the reports we received, Mike Gray was able to prepare a summary, by county, of average captures of western corn rootworms on sticky traps, which he provided in issue no. 1 (March 22, 1999) of the Bulletin. This reporting system remains in place and may be used again in 1999 to report densities of western corn rootworms at

This year we also invite you to report other scouting information by e-mail to This cooperative effort will allow us to keep you better informed about conditions in fields around the state and alert you to insect activity in your region. We currently are receiving counts of black cutworm moths by e-mail, and we look forward to receiving more of the same or different information about insect numbers that you observe through your trapping or scouting efforts. Because we will be receiving information about a variety of insects from numerous individuals, we have prepared some general guidelines that will assist us in standardizing the information you forward to us by e-mail:

  • Provide the common name of the insect and the scouting method used (light trap, sticky trap, sweep net, etc.).
  • Indicate the location scouted by county and nearest town.
  • Report daily counts (if possible), and please include zeros (they are informative, too) on a weekly or otherwise regular basis.
  • Send your e-mails to us by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays so that we can include the information in the most current issue of the Bulletin.

Thank you for sending the information you have sent us thus far; we look forward to your continuing input.Susan Ratcliffe

Author: Susan Ratcliffe