Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook

April 9, 1999
Many authors who write articles for the Bulletin include tables that list pesticides suggested for control of specific pests. We will continue to provide these tables in the printed version of the Bulletin, but you can view similar tables and more by visiting the Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook on the web at The entire handbook can be viewed, and you can find the specific information you seek by scrolling through the table of contents. All 22 chapters of the handbook, including suggestions for management of insects, weeds, and plant diseases in field crops, can be viewed in full. Some chapters focus on rodent control, control of insects in stored grain, and insect pest management for livestock and livestock buildings, and other chapters include specific information about toxicities, formulations, environmental hazards, and other properties of pesticides. The printed version of the handbook (publication number IAPM-99) is available for $20 (plus shipping) from ACES Information Technology and Communication Services (address and telephone number provided previously); VISA and MasterCard accepted.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey