New Insecticides Registered for Use in Field Crops

March 22, 1999
The pyrethroid insecticide Capture 2EC, manufactured by FMC Corporation, recently was registered for use on field corn (grain and silage), popcorn, and field corn grown for seed. Capture 2EC may be applied at 2.1 to 6.4 fl oz per acre (0.033 to 0.10 lb a.i./A) for control of corn earworms, corn rootworm adults, European corn borers, and southwestern corn borers in Illinois. Applied at 5.12 to 6.4 fl oz per acre (0.08 to 0.10 lb a.i./A), Capture 2EC will control spider mites. We will offer interpretations of efficacy data after we have had an opportunity to review the results from research trials. Under "Restrictions–Corn" on the label, you will find the following statements:

Do not apply more than 0.2 pound active per acre per season.

Do not apply within 30 days of harvest.

Do not graze livestock in treated areas or cut treated crops for feed within 30 days of the last application.

Use of ultra low volume (ULV) application on corn is prohibited.

Do not make aerial or ground applications to corn if heavy rainfall is imminent.

A new Bt-based insecticide, Lepinox WDG, also has been registered for use on many different crops. Lepinox is manufactured by Ecogen, Inc., and will be distributed by FMC Corporation. It is labeled for control of several caterpillar pests in alfalfa, canola, corn, small grains (barley, oats, rye, and wheat), sorghum, and soybeans in Illinois. Refer to the label for rates of application and for mixing and application instructions.–KS

Author: Kevin Steffey