The Bulletin on the Web in 1999

March 22, 1999

The Web version of the Bulletin is changing this year. As a result of a grant we received from the Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR), we are able to provide the Web version of the Bulletin free of charge in 1999 and 2000. By 2001 we hope that our cost-recovery system will allow us to continue to provide the electronic version of the Bulletin for free.

Printing the Web Version. First, allow me to clear up some confusion about printing the Bulletin from the Web. When you arrive at the home page of the Bulletin (, clicking on "Enter" takes you to the most recently published issue. Because each article is placed in a different file, you can click to open any article you wish to read. However, if you print the article from the Web, it will not look like the article as it appears in the printed version of the Bulletin. If you wish to print the entire Bulletin to look just like the version we send through the mail, follow these simple steps. On the "front page" of any issue, you can click on "Download print-ready PDF", which allows you to open the file on-line or save it to disk. If you do not have the appropriate reader, you can click on "Download free PDF Reader" to download the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. After you obtain the PDF version of the Bulletin, you can print it whenever you wish. Print it on colored paper if you want to be artistic!

Improved Searching. We will be cleaning up the index so that searching for articles by topic will be easier. All authors will submit key words for each article to ensure that you can find what you are seeking. This activity also will clean up our archives so that you can search back issues (1997 and 1998) more easily.

Updates. Last year we intended to initiate an "update" section, but we never accomplished the task. However, you can expect it this year. The articles we write are due in the editor’s office by Wednesday so that the Bulletin can be prepared and mailed by Friday morning. However, we frequently observe or hear about pest problems after the articles have been submitted. The "update" section will allow authors to provide additional information on the Web instead of waiting an entire week to get the word to you, enabling us to be even more timely with our information. Look for a special icon on the home page to find out if an "update" section has been attached to the most current issue of the Bulletin.

Other Enhancements. Look for more photographs, full-motion video, and audio clips to enhance the written information. We also will provide links to other Web-based information (for example, other states’ newsletters and other IPM-related information) that might provide more insight about a particular subject.

All we ask in return is that you remain patient with us. The Bulletin will be "under construction" all year, so we are bound to experience some glitches. Nevertheless, we invite your input and request feedback on the changes we make this year. Happy surfing to those of you who intend to plug in this year!–KS

Author: Kevin Steffey