University of Illinois

University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic Meetings

December 4, 1998
The College of ACES is ready to deliver the second University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic in January of 1999. The response to our 1998 program was overwhelming: over 1,000 participants took part, and they asked for an encore effort in 1999. The protocol we intend to follow for the 1999 program will be very similar to that used last year. Speakers will be asked to make short presentations, not more than 25 minutes long. Following the morning and afternoon portions of the program, a panel of the speakers will have an opportunity to interact with the audience. Only the “hottest” topics will be featured, and speakers will address only those issues of most interest to local audiences. The speakers will present the most current research-based information available and speak to the bottom line of farmers in the audience.

Certified crop adviser credits will be available in the following areas: soil fertility (0.5 credit), soil and water (1.0 credit), crop production (1.0 credit), and pest management (2.0 credits). A synopsis of the 1999 program is provided. If you register on or before January 2, 1999, the fee is $25. If you register after that date, the fee is $40. The registration fee includes lunch and a proceedings booklet. Dates and locations of the meetings, along with topics and speakers, are provided.

Dates and Locations

January 12—Bloomington (Interstate Center)

January 13—Rockford (Clocktower Resort)

January 14—Moline (Holiday Inn)

January 15—Springfield (Crowne Plaza)

January 20—Mt. Vernon (Holiday Inn)

January 21—Effingham (Ramada Inn)

Topics and Speakers

Surviving Low Prices and Preparing for Higher Prices—Darrel Good

Soil Sampling and Fertilization for Precision Agriculture—Don Bullock

Nitrogen for Soybeans: Fertilize, Inoculate, or Do Nothing?—Robert Hoeft

Variable-Rate Seeding in Corn: The Right Thing to Do?—Emerson Nafziger

Can a Sprayer Be Smart?—Lei Tian

Shooting at a Moving Target: The Changing Nature of Weeds—Aaron Hager

Bt-Corn: Today and Tomorrow—Kevin Steffey

Crop Rotation and Western Corn Rootworms: Lessons from 1998, Projections for 1999—Mike Gray

SDS, BSR, SCN, PMG, SSR: How to Abbreviate Gloom and Doom for 1999 Soybeans—Walker Kirby

If you have any questions about
registration or scheduling, please contact Conference and Institutes at
(217)333-9561. If you have questions about the program content, please contact Bob Hoeft at (217)333-4424 or Mike Gray at (217)333-6652.

Author: Mike Gray