University of Illinois

Data from Soybean Fields in 1998: Your Input Requested

October 9, 1998

We are aware that many people, either independently or as part of a team effort, sampled for adult western corn rootworms in soybean fields in 1998 with Pherocon AM yellow sticky traps. We applaud your efforts and appreciate your high level of interest in this intriguing insect problem. As suggested by the authors of the previous article, we are very interested in monitoring the potential spread of the "variant" of western corn rootworms. If you monitored
sticky traps in soybean fields in 1998 and have not submitted your data to us, we invite you to do so. We are interested in compiling a large data base that will enable us to develop a clearer picture of the impact and distribution of western corn rootworms that lay eggs in soybeans. You can report densities and/or the presence or absence of western corn rootworm adults in soybeans on our web site:

Instructions for inputting the data should be self-explanatory. Our insect information fact sheet, Western Corn Rootworm, is also posted on the web:

Author: Kevin Steffey