University of Illinois

Schedule for the Bulletin

August 28, 1998

At least a couple of people have asked me why the Bulletin on the web is not current. And for those of you who receive the Bulletin by mail, you may be wondering why you didn’t receive your issue last week. The answer is simple, but I owe you an explanation. There is usually one week in August during which the Bulletin is not published. Last week was the week. However, we didn’t inform anyone. Consequently, except for the issue you now hold in your hands or stare at on your computer screen, the most recently published issue of the Bulletin was issue no. 21, August 14, 1998.

As the summer draws to a close, we change from publishing the Bulletin weekly to publishing it monthly. Therefore, the next three issues you receive will be prepared and mailed in early October, November, and December.

Thanks to all of you who diligently supplied us with field reports all summer. And thanks especially to all subscribers who continue to support our efforts. Without you, we’d have no need to write these words. On behalf of all of the authors in the Department of Crop Sciences, I thank you.

Author: Kevin Steffey