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Issue No. 23/October 5, 2007

Early Information About the 60th Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, January 9 and 10, 2008
Five issue-based symposia will make up the bulk of the programming of the 2008 conference: high-production soybean management, managing nutrients and water quality, pest resistance and resistance management, "IPM in the crosshairs," and high-production corn management.

Off-Campus Courses Offered for the Spring 2008 Semester
Three courses (Applied Statistical Methods I, Growth and Development of Horticulture Crops, and Plant Breeding and Chromosomes) will be taught online in the spring 2008 semester through the U of I Department of Crop Sciences Off-Campus Graduate Studies program.

Corn Rootworms and Bt Corn: Assessing the Impact, Managing the Pest
A July presentation on corn rootworm injury and management is now available for viewing online.

Bt Corn + Soil Insecticide: What?
A rootworm Bt corn hybrid plus a soil insecticide may be a solution for a limited number of farmers, but certainly not the majority.

Caterpillars That Worked Over Corn Late in the Season (and Some That Didn't)
The apparently very low numbers of second-generation European corn borers suggest that Bt corn may be suppressing populations in many areas, but the story is incomplete.

Whiteflies in Soybeans in 2007
The whiteflies found in soybeans in unusually large numbers this season have been identified as greenhouse (not silverleaf) whiteflies, which do not seem to cause any economic damage.

On-Farm Corn Nitrogen Rate Studies: Looking for Cooperators for 2008
Cooperators for on-farm nitrogen rate studies are being sought for 2008. Cooperators receive a payment for each trial completed.

Fall Nitrogen Applications
With an early harvest, a head start in planning and field operations for next season can be beneficial--but certain practices related to nitrogen-containing fertilizers need to wait.

What Is the Nutrient Value of Corn Stover Removal?
Federal initiatives are underway to use more crop residue as biomass for renewable fuel production. Steps are outlined to determine the total amount of nutrient removal and the value of corn stover.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.