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Issue No. 22/September 7, 2007

Larger Colony Densities of Corn Leaf Aphids Reported on Some Bt Corn Hybrids
Reasons for the large densities of corn leaf aphids in some fields this year are unclear. Is there a connection to increased Bt usage?

Distribution and Virulence of the Soybean Cyst Nematode in Illinois
A 2005 survey found that 83% of Illinois fields are infested with soybean cyst nematode at levels high enough to cause significant yield suppression.

Alternative Uses for Herbicide-Treated Soybean Fields
Before utilizing existing soybean stands for something other than seed harvest, be sure to check the label of any herbicide(s) applied to a particular field.

Charcoal Rot of Soybean
Many soybean fields in the dry portions of Illinois are being affected by charcoal rot. Management requires an integrated approach.

Wheat Planting
With harvest of both corn and soybean coming on fast in the southern half of Illinois, many producers will have a choice of whether to plant wheat after corn or after soybean.

Notes Heading Into Harvest 2007
A number of issues relevant to harvest of corn and soybean are discussed.

On-Farm Corn Nitrogen Rate Studies: Looking for Cooperators for 2008
Cooperators for on-farm nitrogen rate studies are being sought for 2008. Cooperators receive a payment for each trial completed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.