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Issue No. 20/August 10, 2007

Off-Campus Courses to Be Offered This Fall
The University of Illinois will offer three crops-focused courses online this fall: Applied Statistical Methods, Growth and Development of Horticultural Plants, and Plant Breeding and Chromosomes.

Root Injury Evaluations Complete, Preliminary Results to Be Shared Next Week
In trials at DeKalb, Monmouth, and Urbana, root injury was greatest at Urbana, followed by DeKalb. The full complement of root ratings will be presented in issue 21 of the Bulletin.

A Note About Western Bean Cutworms
It appears that significantly fewer western bean cutworm moths were captured in pheromone traps in Illinois in 2007 than in 2006.

Soybean Aphid Update
Despite high temperatures, populations of soybean aphids continue to increase in northern Illinois, though densities in most fields remain below the economic threshold.

Whiteflies and Twospotted Spider Mites in Soybeans
Reports have been received of both whiteflies and twospotted spider mites in soybeans in various areas of Illinois; distinguishing them from soybean aphids is critical. Though economic damage is unlikely, populations of both pests should be monitored.

Cobalt Insecticide Registered
Dow AgroSciences' Cobalt insecticide has been registered for use in alfalfa, corn, grain sorghum, soybean, wheat, and a few other crops.

Late-Season Soybean Diseases Showing Up
Sudden death syndrome, brown stem rot, and white mold are all showing up in Illinois.

Soybean Rust Update
Soybean rust was detected in northern Oklahoma earlier this week.

Unexpected Problems of Corn Ear Development
Adequate grain-filling, small or missing ears, and multiple ears on one shank are current issues of concern in Illinois corn development.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.