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Issue No. 17/July 20, 2007

Increasing Implementation of IPM in Illinois Corn and Soybean Acres: Enhancing the Financial Incentives
Are financial incentives available that might help producers adopt IPM-based pest management? Several new Web sites provide information.

Numbers of Soybean Aphids Are Increasing
The slow, steady increase of soybean aphids in soybean fields in northern Illinois bears watching.

Corn Leaf Aphids: Most Fields Beyond Treatment Consideration
Though a few reports have come in of corn leaf aphid infestations in central Illinois, most corn is past the development stages at which treatment may be warranted.

Soybean Foliar Disease Update
Comments are provided on Septoria brown spot, frogeye leaf spot, downy mildew, bacterial blight, and soybean rust.

Corn During Grainfill
Rainfall has eased concerns about lack of water reducing corn kernel number, so yields will depend mostly on how well kernels fill before the crop reaches maturity.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for southern and west-central Illinois.