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Issue No. 16/July 13, 2007

Bt Usage in Illinois Soars: An Update on Corn Rootworm Investigations
Roughly three-fourths of the corn acreage in Illinois is now planted to a genetically engineered corn hybrid. Rootworm "digs" begin. On-farm research to determime the potential of late-planted corn strips as trap crops for western corn rootworm beetles in soybean fields.

Western Bean Cutworms . . . The Situation, Thus Far
Based upon reports in Illinois, western bean cutworm moths have been found in very few locations. But start looking.

Watch for Japanese Beetles in Soybeans
Accumulated effect of previous and continuing defoliation could eventually exceed the economic threshold. Possibly, numbers of Japanese beetles are smaller this year in central Illinois.

Numbers of Soybean Aphids Are Increasing
After a slow start for this pest, we need to be more alert in Illinois over the next couple of weeks.

Foliar Fungicides on Soybean
Several foliar fungicides are now available for use on soybean in Illinois.

A Strange Wheat Year Ends
Projected yield is well below last year’s record 68 bushels per acre; more acres lost.

Regional Reports
A regional report was provided for southern Illinois.