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Issue No. 15/July 6, 2007

Comparing Soil Insecticides and Bt Corn Rootworm Hybrids: Do Root Ratings Make Sense Anymore?
Results such as ours from the Urbana experiment in 2006 raise questions about the utility of root ratings as the sole determinant of rootworm injury and their relationship with yield.

Identification of an Illinois Waterhemp Population Not Controlled with Glyphosate
Weed scientists at the University of Illinois recently have worked with an Illinois waterhemp population that has demonstrated greatly reduced sensitivity to glyphosate. Our field research suggests this population is also resistant to ALS-inhibiting herbicides; results have been less clear with respect to foliar-applied triazine and PPO-inhibiting herbicides.

Field Guide to Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants
This 112-page, color-coded field guide is available for $10.

The Case of the Yellow Beans
In the past couple of weeks, many people have noticed medium to large patches of stunted, chlorotic soybean plants in central Illinois. The question being asked frequently is, "Are these patches caused by SCN?"

Yellow Soybean Leaves
A number of soybean fields have been showing a slight yellowing of leaves, creating concern that soybean might be in need of additional fertilization.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.