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Issue No. 13/June 22, 2007

Corn and Soybean Insects Discussed at Crop Session
Insect pests of corn and soybean are the topic of a morning workshop on Thursday, June 28, at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center, Shabonna.

Increase Vigilance for Armyworms
Large numbers of armyworms are being captured in traps across Illinois and Iowa. Pockets of significant damage have been found as well.

Get Ready for Japanese Beetles and Western Corn Rootworms
Record numbers of Japanese beetles are being caught in traps in southern Illinois. Also, it seems that an earlier prediction that western corn rootworm beetles will emerge earlier than usual has come to fruition.

Western Corn Rootworm Adults Abundant in Many Corn Fields
Emergence of western corn rootworm adults is well underway across much of southern and central Illinois. The early emergence means that more leaf feeding can be expected in corn fields.

Japanese Beetles Have Our Attention
Silk-clipping Japanese beetles could wreak havoc in corn fields already suffering from a lack of moisture, assuming that the corn plants can even muster silks.

Soybean Aphids Still Relatively Few in Illinois
Although reported densities of soybean aphids remain low, populations can explode quickly; continual vigilance is needed.

Morningglories: Gardener's Friend, Farmer's Adversary
Both annual and perennial morningglory species can be troublesome weeds in Illinois crop fields.

How Soon and How Much Does It Need to Rain?
Above-average growing conditions for the remainder of the season will be needed for Illinois corn to fulfill good yield potential. The crunch time for soybean is several weeks away. Wheat harvest is likely to be nearly complete by the end of June.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.