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Issue No. 11/June 8, 2007

Plant Clinic Offers Diagnostic Help
The University of Illinois Plant Clinic specializes in identifying disease pathogens, nematodes, insects and insect injury, and weeds as well as helping with herbicide injury problems.

Soybean Aphids Make Early Appearances in Soybean Fields in the Midwest
Though it's far too early to consider control measures, it's time to start looking for soybean aphids in soybeans in northern Illinois and keeping track of their densities.

Insect Dribs and Drabs
Brief reports for Illinois are provided on corn rootworm, European corn borer, Japanese beetle, burrower bug, and potato leafhopper.

Correction to Select Max Rates for Volunteer Corn
The correct application rate is provided for using Select Max to control volunteer corn.

Weed Science Field Research Tour
Weed scientists at the University of Illinois will host their annual field day on Wednesday, June 27.

Prophylactic Fungicide Applications on Corn: A Good Practice?
The risk of fungicide resistance development means that producers need to weight multiple factors in deciding whether to use a corn fungicide.

Soybean Rust Identification Short Course Offered in Florida
A free two-day short course is being offered at the University of Florida to teach people how to identify soybean rust.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.