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Issue No. 10/June 1, 2007

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch Confirmed
A second instar corn rootworm grub was found on V3 stage corn near Lafayette, Indiana, on May 23. Dry weather and soil conditions in many areas will favor good to excellent survival of corn rootworms.

Grape Colaspis Larvae Are Being Found in Plenty of Fields
In gauging the effectiveness of a rootworm control product, it is important not to confuse grape colaspis larvae with rootworm larvae.

Scouting for Stalk Borers Should Be Underway in Central and Northern Illinois: Time for Treatment Decisions in Southern Illinois
With the current favorable commodity prices, economic injury may result with very low levels of a stalk borer infestation.

Japanese Beetles Have Begun to Emerge in Southern Illinois
Early indications are that Japanese beetles survived the Illinois winter quite well, at least in southern counties.

European Corn Borer Moths Statewide
European corn borer moths have been observed in southern, western, and northern Illinois counties. Monitor for signs of infestations through mid-June.

Soybean Aphids Found in Minnesota
Soybean aphids have been found on V1-stage soybeans in east-central Minnesota. Especially in northern Illinois, consider looking for soybean aphids as soon as possible.

Remain Vigilant for Weeds in Corn
The much-needed rainfall in many areas of Illinois will influence the growth of weeds as well as crops.

Control of Volunteer Glyphosate-Resistant Corn in Soybean
Efficacy ratings, application rates, and volunteer corn heights are detailed for a variety of postemergence herbicides for control of volunteer corn in soybean.

Early June Stands and Crop Prospects
What might be expected as a result of the conditions to date for corn and soybean in Illinois is discussed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.