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Issue No. 8/May 18, 2007

Nitrogen Loss from Surface Application of Urea-Containing Fertilizer
A number of producers in Illinois applied urea-containing fertilizer on the soil surface after corn was planted this spring, under the not-unreasonable assumption that it would rain within a few days to move the fertilizer into the soil. Where it did not rain for a week or more, there is concern that some of the N has been lost.

Small Grains Twilight Field Day on Thursday, June 28, 2007
Wheat management and wheat and oat variety selection will be the topics of the Small Grains Twilight Field Day in Shabbona, Thursday, June 28.

Maximizing Crop Production Inputs Does Not Equate to Integrated Pest Management
The principles of IPM in the corn and soybean agroecosystem are increasingly being ignored. Pesticide misuse and overuse have costly and negative consequences.

Black Cutworm Damage Is Economic In a Number of Fields in Illinois
Economic infestations of black cutworm have occurred this season in western, southwestern, and eastern Illinois.

More Information About Soybean Aphids
The threat of a widespread, intense soybean aphid outbreak in 2007 seems to have been reduced, but economic infestations are still possible.

Bean Leaf Beetle Activity Should Be Monitored
Emerging soybeans will be attractive to bean leaf beetles. Though recent incidences of bean pod mottle virus, which can be transmitted by bean leaf beetles, have been low in Illinois, careful observations are still warranted.

Armyworm Activity Deserves Attention
Because there will be less wheat to support this year's populations of armyworms, larvae will be seeking other food sources, including corn.

Dry Soils and Soil-Applied Herbicides
How much rainfall is required to move soil-applied herbicide into the soil, and how soon after application is precipitation needed?

Corn Injury and Herbicides
Determining the reason(s) for injury to corn can be challenging; several interacting factors can contribute to the severity of response.

Winter Wheat: Discolored Leaves
Some of the winter wheat fields that made it through the late freeze are now showing significant disease problems.

Fertility Management for Corn on Corn
With the increase in corn being planted for 2007, there is significant interest in fertility management for continuous corn. Guidelines are detailed.

Wheat Watch Continues
The Illinois wheat crop continues to struggle in attempting to recover from the low temperatures of April. What is expected from here on?

Evaluating Corn Stands
Plant spacing variability and plant size uniformity are discussed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.