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Issue No. 5/April 27, 2007

Videos of Short Courses Are Accessible on the Web
Videos of two winter short courses (western bean cutworm and biological control of soybean aphids) are available for viewing at the North Central IPM Center Web site.

Illini Farm Report and Other Podcasts Are Available on the Web
Audio podcasts, including the Illini Farm Report, are now being posted at the University of Illinois Extension Web site.

Armyworm and Black Cutworm Moths Are Being Trapped Throughout the State
Captures of both armyworm and black cutworm moths have picked up where they left off before the cold weather of early April.

Effects of Feeding by Alfalfa Weevil Larvae on Freeze-Damaged Alfalfa and Armyworm Larvae on Freeze-Damaged Wheat
Published economic thresholds may not apply when plants have been compromised, so be especially watchful for insect activity in freeze-damaged alfalfa and wheat.

Some People Are Finding Lots of White Grubs
Knowing how to distinguish between types of white grubs is key to knowing whether a seed- or soil-applied insecticide is warranted for corn.

Mustang Max Labeled for Control of Armyworms in Pastures
Mustang Max can now be used for control of armyworms feeding on mix-stand alfalfa and grasses.

Update on the Occurrence of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds
Producers should be aware of the factors that may affect the selection of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Using the Fusarium Head Blight Risk Assessment Tool to Help Make Fungicide Application Decisions for Wheat
An online tool helps producers decide whether to spray a fungicide for scab control in wheat.

Notes on an Unusual Spring
Damage to the wheat crop from cold temperatures continues to be hard to call. Working or planting wet fields should continue to be avoided regarding corn, at least until the time when a planting delay will cause more yield loss than poor soil conditions.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.