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Issue No. 4/April 20, 2007

Planting Corn Following Wheat: Wireworms May Present Challenges in Some Fields
The chances of increased wireworm damage in corn following wheat are very real. Another insect to be alert for in tilled wheat fields planted to corn is the seedcorn maggot.

Effects of Cold Temperatures on Some of Our Early-Season Pests (Alfalfa Weevil, Black Cutworm, Subterranean Insects)
It's likely that populations of some early-season insect pests suffered from last week's cold temperatures. However, insects sufficiently insulated in soil or under vegetative growth or residue probably were not affected much.

More Captures of Black Cutworm Moths
Early flights of black cutworm moths merit remaining on the lookout for early instar larval feeding activity and being prepared for cutting by older instars.

Timing Is Critical
How and when should weeds be managed to reduce their ability to compete with the crop and reduce yield?

Section 18 Emergency Exemptions Approved for Folicur and Orius Fungicides on Wheat in Illinois
U.S. EPA exemptions for Folicur and Orius for use on wheat to control scab are in effect until June 20.

Epilogue on the April Freeze: Tough Decisions Remain
Early April's cold temperatures caused fairly uniform damage to alfalfa, but questions about wheat are more difficult to answer.

Dealing with the Delayed Start to Corn Planting
This year's corn prices have heightened concern that some yield potential is being lost each day without corn being planted.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.