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Issue No. 8/May 14, 2004

A replacement is provided for Table 2, Issue 7 (May 7, 2004).

Watch for Bean Leaf Beetles in Fields of Emerging Soybeans
It's time to start watching soybean fields for signs of bean leaf beetles. The earlier that soybeans are planted, the greater the likelihood of economic infestations. Information is outlined on injury symptoms, economic thresholds, and suggested insecticides.

Insuring "Insect Insurance"
Contrary to some sales recommendations being made this season, an insecticidal seed treatment plus another preventive insecticide seems an imprudent waste.

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch: Just Around the Corner?
Knowing the date of corn rootworm larval hatch is important because the timing influences soil insecticide performance. Early planting followed by late hatch poses the most challenging conditions. However, an early hatch looks likely this year.

Intense Captures of Black Cutworm Continue
Bureau, Lee, and Jefferson have joined the counties that have experienced intense captures of black cutworm moths. Projected cutting dates are provided for those and other locations.

Slugs in No-Till
Slugs, sporadic but potentially destructive pests of corn, are generally associated with conservation tillage practices.

Where Are the Alfalfa Weevils?
Producers in the northern half of Illinois may be finding alfalfa larvae in their fields. Scout for evidence of feeding and keep postharvest intervals in mind if insecticide treatments are needed.

Tips for Keeping Herbicides on Target
Guidelines are detailed for reducing herbicide drift and controlling weeds. A list of Web resources on herbicide drift is provided.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.