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Issue No. 1/March 23, 2007

Another First Issue: Looking Forward to the 2007 Growing Season
Readers are encouraged again this year to apprise authors of the Bulletin of developments and issues in their areas.

Proceedings of the 2007 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference Are on the Web
A program overview and proceedings for the 2007 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference can be viewed at the U of I IPM Web site.

Recordings of Two Distance Education Short Courses Will Be Available Soon
Slide presentations and audio from distance education short courses on western bean cutworm and biological control of soybean aphids will soon be available online.

Welcome to Dr. Carl Bradley!
Plant pathologist Dr. Carl Bradley has joined the UIUC Department of Crop Sciences Extension group.

First Captures of Armyworm and Black Cutworm Moths Already
The first armyworm and black cutworm moths have been captured in southern Illinois. An online degree-day calculator allows users to track the development of various pests, including these.

Please Don't Forget About Non-Bt Corn Refuges
Producers who may be considering not planting non-Bt corn refuges are reminded of the important reasons that the refuges must be planted.

Loading Up for Rootworm Control
U of I Extension entomologists do not recommend the use of a soil insecticide, even at a reduced application rate, as an attempt to further protect rootworm Bt corn.

Hessian Flies Should Be on Our Radar Screens
Anyone scouting wheat this spring should be watchful for symptoms of Hessian fly injury.

Herbicide Changes for the 2007 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook
An overview of changes in herbicide options available to Illinois weed control practitioners is provided.

Should We Keep That Wheat Stand?
Price incentives are strong this spring both to grow wheat and to replace wheat with corn. Considerations are detailed for producers deciding whether to keep their wheat crops.

Spring Nitrogen Rates for Corn
High corn prices coupled with a higher price for nitrogen makes spring nitrogen rates a topic of great interest. How should producers determine the best nitrogen rate for their corn crops?

Should We Increase Corn Plant Populations?
Planting date and plant population responses are complex and greatly affected by weather. Guidelines for deciding corn plant populations are outlined.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue and southern and west-central Illinois.