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Issue No. 18/July 28, 2006

CPSC 479, Insect Pest Management, for Agriculturists and Horticulturists
A graduate course in insect pest management will be offered by two-way video this fall at Champaign, Oak Brook, Mt. Vernon, and Springfield, provided enough participants register in each location.

An Inventory of Field Crop Insect Issues in the Midwest
Synopses are presented of July 25 reports from extension entomologists in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Ohio.

Western Bean Cutworm Larvae in Corn in Northwestern Illinois
It's time to begin checking cornfields for western bean cutworm egg masses and young larvae, especially where moths have been captured. Don't wait to find larger larvae, as it is very difficult to control them when they begin feeding in the ear tips.

Bean Leaf Beetle Densities Expected to Increase: Don't Underestimate Potential Impact of Insect Injury to Soybean Pods
Be vigilant and monitor fields for excessive defoliation and pod injury in the coming weeks. Bean leaf beetles, grasshoppers, and stink bugs are all able to cause yield losses in soybean fields during the pod-fill stage of development.

Bacterial Blight
Ragged, tattered, brown-speckled soybean leaflets are showing up in some fields in the central part of Illinois--characteristic of the bacterial leaf disease known as bacterial blight.

Sudden Death Syndrome--What's Up This Year?
Sudden death syndrome in soybean can be difficult to control. Management recommendations for lessening its impact are outlined.

Check Corn and Soybean Fields Carefully
This is the time of year when unexpected problems can develop in corn and soybean fields. Failure to see them now can mean disappointment at harvest, especially if the problems were ones that could have been alleviated if found in time.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for southern and west-central Illinois.