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Issue No. 16/July 14, 2006

Japanese Beetles--The Onslaught Continues
Extreme numbers of Japanese beetles remain a concern in pollinating corn and flowering soybeans. The absence of natural enemies means insecticides are the only solution for large densities defoliating soybean or clipping cornstalks.

Transgenic Corn Rootworm Hybrids: Dose Response Considerations with Respect to Silk Clipping
Economic levels of silk clipping by corn rootworm adults can occur even in portions of fields planted to a transgenic corn rootworm hybrid.

Western Bean Cutworm Moths Are Being Found in Illinois Traps
It's probably only a matter of time before corn growers in Illinois will need to manage western bean cutworm. Accurate identification of the pest, which can be confused with other species, is important.

Soybean Aphids Not Causing Too Many Concerns in Illinois
The numbers of soybean aphids in any given field being surveyed by University of Illinois researchers do not seem to be increasing much from week to week.

Comparison of Independent Online Pesticide Label Services
Features of three online pesticide label services are compared.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.