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Issue No. 14/June 30, 2006

An Inventory of Field Crop Insect Issues in the Midwest
Synopses of June 20th reports from extension entomologists in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin are presented.

Still Too Early to Assess Western Corn Rootworm Impact
Reports of severe rootworm larval damage and of high numbers of western corn rootworm adults are few compared to 2005. However, emergence of adults is earlier than usual, so consider placing sticky traps in fields sooner than typically recommended.

Numbers of Japanese Beetles Are Enormous in Some Areas
Reports continue of huge numbers of Japanese beetles in some Illinois locations. However, wait for corn to begin pollinating before applying an insecticide, or a second application may be required.

Keep Watching Closely for Soybean Aphids
The recent return to lower temperatures will favor growth and development of soybean aphids. Vigilance is needed to stay on top of the situation.

White Mold of Soybean
White mold, or Sclerotinia stem rot, typically infects soybean at flowering. Management recommendations have changed somewhat in recent years and are addressed here.

Brown-Speckled Yellow Soybeans
Rhizoctonia root rot can be a cause of yellowed soybeans. Symptoms and management options are outlined.

A Growing Interest in (and Prevalence of) Copperleaf
Hophornbeam copperleaf is appearing in many soybean fields this year. Growth characteristics and control options are detailed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.