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Issue No. 12/June 16, 2006

Corn and Soybean Insects Discussed at Crop Session
University of Illinois Extension entomologists will lead discussions on corn and soybean insect problems, research, and management strategies at a workshop in Shabbona on June 30.

Reminder: Weed Science Field Tour on Wednesday, June 21
The Crop Sciences Research and Education Center on the University of Illinois campus is the site for the annual Weed Science Field Tour, this year on June 21.

Corn Rootworm Injury Becoming Noticeable
Reports are increasing of corn rootworm larvae and root-feeding injury, and predicted high temperatures and continued lack of rainfall will exacerbate incidents of injury. Those who haven’t started checking cornfields should begin now.

Soybean Aphids in Soybean Fields in Illinois
Though numbers are low, soybean aphids are beginning to colonize soybean fields in northern Illinois. It’s better to be aware of early-season infestations than surprised by large colonies later in summer.

Corn Borers Deserve Attention in Some Areas of Illinois
Though most Illinois producers are concerned primarily with European corn borers, the southwestern corn corer actually causes more damage to corn. Bt corn has probably suppressed corn borer populations in recent years, but both corn borer species should remain on scouting checklists.

Some Dry-Environment Insect Problems--Grape Colaspis and False Chinch Bugs
A few reports of grape colaspis and false chinch bugs have brought them into the spotlight this year.

More Insect Events of Note
Japanese beetle adults have been captured in southern Illinois and can be expected soon in central and northern Illinois counties. Armyworms, garden symphylans, and stink bugs have also been reported in some areas.

More Soybean Seedling Blight Concerns
Begin now to look for symptoms of both "wet" and "dry" soybean seedling blights, which have already affected several areas of Illinois.

Amended Section 18 for Headline SBR Fungicide
Changes including application rate and retreatment interval have been approved by the U.S. EPA for Headline SBR fungicide.

WeedSOFT Yield Loss and Tank Mix Calculators Now Available on the Web
New tools are available online for estimating yield loss from emerged weeds in corn and soybeans and for calculating herbicide and adjuvant quantities needed to mix spray loads.

It’s All About Leaves and Roots
In most of Illinois it has been a good planting season for corn but less favorable for soybean. The roles of canopy closure and root development in crop outcomes are detailed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.