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Issue No. 10/June 2, 2006

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch Confirmed
With the very hot conditions of Memorial Day weekend, corn rootworm larvae are likely hatching across much of Illinois. Expect a bumper crop of corn rootworms this year.

Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Ozone in the Atmosphere Influence Egg Laying by Variant Western Corn Rootworms
Findings of a recent study suggest that western corn rootworms may exert even greater pressure on future corn production.

Stunted Corn Plants? Check for Grape Colaspis Larvae
Grape colaspis larvae are the occasional case of stunted, discolored, and/or wilted corn plants. The pest's life cycle and physical characteristics are reviewed.

One for the Record: Springtails and Crickets Ravage Soybean Field?
A very unusual scenario in a Henderson County soybean field is detailed.

How Much Product to Add in Handheld Sprayers?
Conversion instructions are provided for determining mix amounts of formulated liquid pesticides for use in small-volume application equipment.

Crops Moving into June
Is "repair planting" in corn or soybeans ever a good idea? This and other crop development topics are covered.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.