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Issue No. 9/May 26, 2006

Proceedings and Shoulder Bags from the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference
A limited supply of printed proceedings and shoulder bags from January's Crop Protection Technology Conference are available for purchase for $7.

An Inventory of Field Crop Insect Issues in the Midwest
Entomologists remain in something of a holding pattern while awaiting more rapid growth of corn and soybean seedlings.

Scrutinize Early-Planted Soybean Fields for Bean Leaf Beetles
With large numbers of bean leaf beetles having been found in alfalfa fields in central Iowa, producers should sharpen their scouting skills for the pest in seedling soybeans.

European Corn Borer: A Secondary Insect Pest for Now?
A very small flight of European corn borer moths is expected again for 2006. However, producers who have not planted a Bt hybrid for that pest and were among the first to plant corn in their area should still scout for the first generation of European corn borer.

Pythium Rots
Cold, wet weather conditions are ideal for rotting of seeds and seedlings. Life cycle, infection cycle, and management practices for Pythium rot are detailed.

Oversized Vegetation in Soybean Fields
The same conditions that have delayed soybean planting may have delayed preplant tillage and burndown herbicide applications. Large weeds remaining in fields after soybean emergence will be very competitive with soybean.

Crop Development as Spring Planting Wraps Up
Nearly all the corn crop is planted in Illinois, but soybean yield losses are beginning to accelerate as planting is delayed. Yields for wheat are still hard to call.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.