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Issue No. 6/May 5, 2006

Alfalfa Watch
Alfalfa producers and dealers in the northern half of Illinois can still benefit from Alfalfa Watch, which provides assistance for monitoring plant quality and growth and for timing the first cutting.

Intense Flights of Black Cutworm Moths Continue in Widely Scattered Areas of Illinois
Reports of intense black cutworm flights continue from several areas of Illinois. Don't neglect scouting efforts in emerging cornfields as the rush to plant soybeans begins.

Soil Insect Pests in Corn Will Be Noted Soon
As scouting efforts intensify, keep track of the types of invertebrates you find in cornfields. Keep your eyes open for aboveground pests, too.

Cowpea Aphid Densities Diminish in Some Fields
Producers are encouraged to continue monitoring their alfalfa for aphids and alfalfa weevils in the coming weeks. Don't be surprised if potato leafhoppers begin to appear in a few southern Illinois counties within a few weeks.

Alfalfa Weevils Still Noted in Several Areas
Insecticides to control alfalfa weevil should be considered only if densities exceed economic thresholds and the alfalfa is not quite mature enough to cut.

Soybean Aphid and Potassium Fertility: Update on Continued Research
University of Wisconsin entomologists have found that soil and soybean leaf potassium levels "may play an important role in soybean aphid population dynamics."

Section 18 Label Granted for the Fungicide Alto 100SL for Asian Soybean Rust on Soybean
Syngenta's Alto 100SL foliar fungicide has been granted a Section 18 label by the U.S. EPA to manage Asian soybean rust in Illinois.

Fungicides and Soybeans: When Should You Use Them?
A large number of Section 3- and Section 18-labeled fungicides are available for management of soybean rust in Illinois. With timely and appropriate application they are good tools for economic rust management.

Soybean Rust Scouting Resources
University of Illinois Extension has several printed resources that can help when scouting soybeans in general and soybean rust specifically.

Winter Wheat Disease Update
Virus problems continue to be reported in wheat this season, with barley yellow dwarf virus and wheat streak mosaic virus being the main players.

Remember the Rotary Hoe?
For those fields that haven't received much precipitation since preemergence herbicides were applied, a rotary hoe may help with weed control.

Delayed Applications of Soil-Applied Corn Herbicides
Many soil-applied corn herbicides can be applied after corn emergence. Not all will control emerged weeds, so additional management procedures may be needed.

Dry Soils and Grass Escapes in Corn
A number of postemergence herbicides for grass control in corn are detailed.

Planting Issues: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Observations on planting and growing conditions for both corn and soybean are outlined.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.