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Issue No. 1/March 24, 2006

The 2006 Growing Season Is Just Around the Corner
Relationships among weather, crops, and pests will be a predominant theme in the articles we write in the Bulletin in 2006. The primary issues of concern in 2006 will be similar to the issues addressed by many people in agriculture in the Midwest in 2005--soybean rust, corn rootworms, soybean aphid, and glyphosate resistance.

Proceedings of the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference Are on the Web (and Videos Will Be Available Soon)
The Proceedings can be accessed as a pdf file on our IPM Web site (Adobe PDF).

Results from Insect Management Research Trials Conducted in 2005 and 2004 Are on the Web
The 2004 and 2005 editions of on Target are now available. If you are interested in learning about our results regarding control of corn rootworms, Japanese beetle grubs, soybean aphids, twospotted spider mites, or corn earworms in 2005, check out the 2005 edition of on Target. The 2004 on Target also has information about control of black cutworms and bean leaf beetles.

Bt Corn and Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments: Are Nontarget Effects and Potential Insecticide Resistance Justified Concerns?
The increased use of Bt corn has been accompanied by an escalation in the use of neonicotinoids, which are used to treat transgenic corn seed, as well as seed of many nontransgenic corn hybrids. Does the prophylactic use of these neonicotinoid seed treatments fit within the conventional IPM paradigm? How concerned should we be regarding the potential for resistance development to these systemic insecticides in the corn and soybean agroecosystem? What the research tells us.

Another Warm Winter, Another Year of Corn Flea Beetles?
Warm temperatures during the months of December, January, and February favor increased survivorship of the corn flea beetle and the bacterium it vectors. What to look for as you scout this spring.--

Catching Up on the Western Bean Cutworm
In 2004, the first western bean cutworms were found in Illinois. Summary of 2005 catches. If and when the western bean cutworm will become an economic pest is uncertain. However, we will continue to monitor in the coming year. In 2006, we plan to have at least two traps in every Illinois county.

Product Updates in Weed Management for 2006
An overview of changes in herbicide options available to Illinois producers: Impact 2, Radius 4SC, Canopy 75DG, Gramoxone Inteon 2S, Select MAX 0, Harmony GT XP 75DF, Synchrony STS 42DG, Synchrony XP 28.4DG, Resolve, Stout 72.5mp

N Rates for Corn in Illinois, Spring 2006
Current guidelines for N use on corn this spring.

Promotions for a "Nontraditional" Product
We have received a number of questions in recent weeks about a specific product called "X-Tra Power," which is a mixture of chelated micronutrients (magnesium, copper, manganese, and zinc), along with "growth-supporting co-factors."