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Issue No. 22/September 2, 2005

An Addendum to the Preliminary Root Rating Results for DeKalb and Urbana, 2005
Differences found between early and later evaluation dates in corn rootworm product trials should be interpreted with care.

Nitrogen for Corn in 2006
Recent reports suggesting that nitrogen rate recommendations for corn in Illinois are inaccurate have created a great deal of confusion. This unfortunately is coming at a time when N prices are record-high, yields in some Illinois corn fields were reduced by drought in 2005, and corn prices have been held down by reports of higher supplies and some shipping problems.

Preliminary Root-Evaluation Ratings Available for DeKalb and Urbana Corn Rootworm Product Trials
Granular corn rootworm products provided very good to excellent root protection in trials in two locations this summer. Additional preliminary conclusions are outlined.

Annual Survey for Second-Generation European Corn Borers Set to Begin
Past results of the annual survey of second-generation European corn borer are available online.

Aflatoxin in the Corn Crop?
Questions are being raised about the possibility of aflatoxin being a problem in corn this year. How aflatoxin is detected and how producers can minimize the chances of fungi and toxin development are detailed.

A Drought-Stressed Corn Crop Nears Harvest in Illinois
Yields for corn may well be more variable in Illinois than ever before. Topics addressed include kernel fill, drydown rates, crop rotation, and soil fertility.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for southern Illinois.