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Issue No. 19/July 29, 2005

Spider Mite Problems Intensify in Northern Illinois
We have received several reports of lack of efficacy of miticides applied (especially those applied for the second time) for control of twospotted spider mites in soybeans.

All Soybean Producers in Northern and Central Illinois Should Be Alert for Soybean Aphids
The first two weeks of August will be an important period for assessing the potential impact of soybean aphids. Precautions are in order regarding application of insecticides to soybeans late in the season.

Corn Rootworm "Digs" Completed in DeKalb and Monmouth
Progress in several experiments is described.

Looking at Corn and Soybean as Seed Filling Gets Under Way
The latest crop conditions and expectations are detailed for corn and soybean.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.