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Issue No. 12/June 10, 2005

Additional Resources Added to Web Site
Several Web sites from state departments of agriculture have been added to the links in the Resources section of the Bulletin Web site.

Follow-Up on Reports of Soybean Aphids
Soybean aphids have been found in six midwestern states, though numbers remain low. But stay alert and keep scouting, because numbers can skyrocket quickly.

More About Twospotted Spider Mites
The continued hot, dry weather in many areas of Illinois is ideal for development of populations of twospotted spider mites, so vigilance for this economically threatening pest must increase.

Identify Insects in Soybeans Accurately
Potato leafhoppers are occasionally mistaken for aphids or mites. Their distinctive characteristics are reviewed. Remember that accurate identification and diagnosis of any pest problem are essential for effective management.

Corn Rootworm Reports Trickling In
The first reports of corn rootworms in Illinois have been received.

Arrival of Japanese Beetles
Japanese beetles will be emerging throughout Illinois in the next several weeks.

Subterranean Insects Still Causing Headaches in Cornfields
Short reports on wireworms, white grubs, southern corn leaf beetle, and grape colaspis are provided.

Broadleaf Signalgrass Control in Corn
Broadleaf signalgrass, which is often mistaken for crabgrass, is a weed problem spreading from the south. Its characteristics and control options are detailed.

Field Horsetail Biology and Control
Field horsetail, a hard-to-control weed with both reproductive and vegetative forms, is described. Few herbicides affect it; the best means of control is to prevent establishment.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for southern, and west-central Illinois.