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Issue No. 10/May 27, 2005

Waiting for Insects
Though insect activity is generally lacking so far this growing season, keep watching to avoid unwanted surprises.

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch: Should We Expect a Late Hatch in 2005?
Projected heat unit accumulations suggest that the corn rootworm larval hatch may not be well under way across central Illinois until June 7. Be aware that early planting followed by a late hatch creates the most significant challenge to insecticide performance.

Stalk Borers Found Moving to Corn
A review of details on stalk borers is presented. Growers are encouraged to begin scouting the border rows of their cornfields for stalk borer injury.

Preparing to Monitor for Western Bean Cutworms
The distribution of western bean cutworms in Iowa has moved rather steadily eastward since 2000, encroaching on Illinois’ western border in 2004. A network of pheromone traps for western bean cutworms is being established throughout most of northern Illinois and some of central and southern Illinois.

Stripe Rust of Wheat--Watch for It in Illinois
Disease symptoms and management options are outlined for stripe rust, which is appearing in Illinois wheat fields.

Postemergence Options for Grass Control in Corn
Options and restrictions regarding postemergence grass control in corn are presented. Key questions are the type of hybrid planted and the species and height of grass to be controlled.

Let the Sun Shine
As the corn crop passes the six-leaf stage, its growth in height and leaf area will accelerate and will stay at a high rate through tasseling. In soybean fields where lack or surface moisture is limiting growth, check the germination status of the seeds. Guidelines for stand counting are reviewed. For wheat, harvest is expected at about the normal time unless temperatures depart greatly from average over the next 3 weeks.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.