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Issue No. 9/May 20, 2005

Arrival of More Spring Moths
Producers should continue to stay abreast of reported moth flights for insect pests that can damage corn, and scout at the appropriate time for each pest.

Wireworms Wanted!
Samples of wireworms from populations throughout the Midwest are being sought for research at the University of Missouri.

Assessing Early-Season Corn for Insect Injury
Itís important to assess the impact of secondary insect pests of corn in light of the scarcity of modern data regarding the percentage of acres affected, the economic impact of feeding by secondary insect pests, and the efficacy of insect-control products.

Armyworms Reported in Northern Missouri Pastures: Don't Neglect Scouting of Pastures, Corn, and Wheat Fields
If you have not begun to scout for armyworms, now is a good time to begin. Remember that pastures in many areas of the Midwest suffered significant damage in 2001. Details are provided on physical characteristics, feeding habits, scouting techniques, economic thresholds, and control options.

Chatter About Soybean Insects Will Escalate
Warmer temperatures will speed up soybean emergence; bean leaf beetles will be the first insect pests on the radar screen, but soybean aphids wonít be far behind.

Smooth Sailing Ahead?
The jury is still out on whether corn yield potential has been reduced by the cold weather and loss of leaf area this year. Soybean emergence is somewhat uneven where planted into soils with limited moisture, but good emergence is anticipated in most fields. Current weather conditions are very good for wheat.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for southern and west-central Illinois.