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Issue No. 3/April 8, 2005

Proceedings of the 1999-2005 Crop Protection Technology Conference Available Online
Acrobat PDF files are now available online of the proceedings from recent University of Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conferences.

Protecting Corn from Soil Insect Injury
Whether economically viable or not, many producers use soil insecticides, transgenic seed, or insecticide-treated seed as insurance along with their corn planting. Reasonable performance expectations and evaluation are discussed along with treatment guidelines.

Cruiser Registered for Use on Soybeans
Annual application of insecticides to soybeans has not traditionally been necessary or common. Do new pest threats justify soybean seed treatment? The jury is still out while sufficient data are being generated. Several online reference articles are recommended.

Spring Moth Flights Have Begun
More black cutworm moths and armyworm moths were caught in pheromone traps this week.

Getting Ready for Alfalfa Weevils
Guidelines for scouting fields for alfalfa weevils are provided, along with online resources for identifying and managing the pest and distinguishing it from clover leaf weevil.

Proliferation of Premix Products
Detailed tables list trade names, components, application rates, amounts of active ingredients, and product equivalents for corn and soybean herbicide premixes. A sample calculation demonstrates how to convert an application rate as needed.

What Weed Is That?
Suggested references are described for identifying early-season weeds, summer annual weed seedlings, and mature and flowering weeds.

Does Corn Seed Size Really Matter?
Multiple researchers have concluded that seed size and shape do not have consistent effects on seed quality. Though independent testing of seed quality is available to producers, it rarely identifies problems; the competitive economic environment helps ensure that companies supply only top-quality seed.

Regional Reports
Reports are supplied this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.