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Issue No. 24/November 5, 2004

Asian Soybean Rust Confirmation in Lousiana Raises Concern of Potential Impact of this Disease in Illinois
As widely reported on Nov, 10, 2004, Asian soybean rust was confirmed this week for the first time in the continental U.S. Soybean rust is a fungal disease of soybeans that infects leaves and can cause defoliation and significant yield losses.

2005 Crop Protection Technology Conference--Topics Announced
The outline of symposia and specialized sessions for the Crop Protection Technology Conference is provided. Register by December 17 to get the early-registration discount.

Corn Rootworm Management Distance Education Workshop
Entomologists from five north-central states are planning a corn rootworm management workshop to be presented on February 4 and 11. The workshop will be presented by teleconference at multiple sites; specifics will be announced in several weeks.

Results from the Annual Fall Survey for Second-Generation European Corn Borers
The traditional table of European corn borer larvae and percentages of infestation by county has been replaced by a web-based PowerPoint slide set. In 2004, European corn borers were most noticeable in Illinois by their absence. This doesn't necessarily mean that we won't experience economic infestations in 2005, but we do know that the population overwintering will be very low throughout most of the state.

Review of 2004 Soybean Insect Management Trials
Data are being analyzed from two soybean trials targeting the management of the bean leaf beetle and another targeting control insect pests in soybeans. The hope is to gain insight into the possible yield increase with the use of systemic nicotinoid seed treatments or application of insecticide + fungicide, even in the absence of economically threatening insect levels.

Illinois Soybean and Corn Diseases in Review--Reports and Observations from 2004
Despite high average yields for both corn and soybean across Illinois, diseases affected stand establishment and yields. Diseases of soybean and corn that were common in Illinois in 2004 are reviewed. Vigilance in management can do much to reduce the effects of disease.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.