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Issue No. 23/October 5, 2012

AGMasters Registration Going Live
Early registration for the November AGMasters Conference will help ensure getting into sessions of interest.

Fall Armyworms Reach Impressive Levels in Some Pastures and Newly Seeded Hayfields
Though the fall armyworm larvae that have occurred in Illnois this year will not survive the winter, their feeding activity can significantly damage newly seeded hayfields, pastures, and wheat.

Guidelines for Fall-Applied Herbicides
Applying herbicides after harvest is an option for managing some problematic weed species, but be certain that application is warranted and observe timing restrictions.

Controlling Volunteer Corn Before Fall-Seeding Small Grains
Guidelines are provided for using herbicides to control established volunteer corn plants before sowing small grains.

Nitrogen Management This Fall
Following research-based guidelines for applying nitrogen in fall maximize protection of both nitrogen investment and the environment.

Illinois Soil Nitrogen Monitoring: Announcing a New Project
The protocol is detailed for a new project to monitor soil nitrogen beginning immediately.