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Issue No. 21/September 7, 2012

AGMasters Program Comes into Focus--November 26, 27
Speakers are being confirmed for the November AgMasters Conference in Champaign, Illinois. A general session is followed by 12 advanced classes from which attenders choose six.

Considerations for Fall-Seeded Small Grains
Recent rainfall will help promote herbicide degradation, slowed this season by the dry conditions, but it is unlikely to have eliminated the risk of herbicide carryover.

Dry Year and Low Yields: How Much Nitrogen Credit Do I Have for Next Year?
Are N rate adjustments needed for the 2013 corn crop? Guidance is outlined for answering this question.

After the Rain
Detailed commentary is provided for corn, soybean, and wheat in light of the recent rain in Illinois.

Soil Testing After a Dry Growing Season
The season's drought has introduced variables that have the potential to affect soil test results and complicate their interpretation regarding phosphorus, potassium, and pH.