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Issue No. 20/August 24, 2012

Dry Year and Low Yields: How Much Nitrogen Credit Do I Have for Next Year?
Are N rate adjustments needed for the 2013 corn crop? Guidance is outlined for answering this question.

Root Rating Results from University of Illinois Corn Rootworm Trials
Results from root evaluation experiments can guide product selections for the 2013 growing season.

Continuing Evolution Confirmed of Field Resistance to Cry3Bb1 in Some Illinois Fields by Western Corn Rootworm
The western corn rootworm remains a versatile insect foe; producers will need to employ a well-conceived integrated pest management approach to stay one step ahead of it.

From Pollination to Seed Maturation of Waterhemp
The vast amounts of seed produced by female waterhemp plants contribute to the challenge of successful management.

More Charcoal Rot Observed
Charcoal rot has been observed in southern Illinois, in both soybean and corn fields.

A New Virus to Notice in Soybeans
Symptoms of the new soybean vein necrosis virus (SVNV) typically start to show up on soybean leaves in August.

Drought and the Illinois Corn Crop: Comparing 2012 with 1988
To choose corn hybrids for next year, consider the likely conditions. Use data from low-yielding comparisons done under drought conditions only if you expect those conditions in 2013.

Managing After Drought
Guidance is provided for making crop management decisions after 2013's extreme drought.