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Issue No. 19/August 10, 2012

Drought and the Illinois Corn Crop: Comparing 2012 with 1988
To choose corn hybrids for next year, consider the likely conditions. Use data from low-yielding comparisons done under drought conditions only if you expect those conditions in 2013.

Check Cornfields for Aspergillus Ear Rot
With high temperatures and dry conditions prevalent during corn grain-fill, the risk of Aspergillus ear rot is high. Check for it before harvesting a field.

Charcoal Rot a Hot Disease in Soybeans
In central Illinois, the soybeans that have so far survived the season's heat and drought are showing signs of charcoal rot. For fields severely affected, select early maturing cultivars.

Notes on Corn and Soybean Yield Potential
Yield prospects are becoming clearer for corn but are uncertain yet for soybean. The rain in some areas over the past week will make more difference in some areas and crops than in others.