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Issue No. 17/July 27, 2012

Dates and Locations for the 2013 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics
The annual Corn & Soybean Classics will be held in six Illinois locations in January 2013.

New Insights on the Western Corn Rootworm's Adaptation to Crop Rotation
The western corn rootworm has proven able to adapt to virtually every management approach that is used repetitively and without integration. Research is helping explain the pest's ability to adapt to crop rotation.

Be Aware of the Potential for Herbicide Carryover
In addition to affecting the performance of soil-residual herbicides, dry soil conditions slow the rate of herbicide degradation, increasing the potential for carryover damage to subsequent crops.

Estimating Yields of Stressed Corn
Directions are outlined for estimating yield potential in fields of stressed corn. In some locations, the crop's ability to produce grain under this year's conditions might be surprising.

Nutrient Removal with Drought-Stressed Corn
How much nutrient will be removed if a stunted corn crop is taken out of the field? Despite the difficulty of providing a single meaningful removal rate, some general guidelines are offered.