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Issue No. 16/July 20, 2012

Palmer Amaranth Identified in West-Central Illinois
Should Palmer amaranth, which can dramatically reduce crop yields, show up in a field, remove the plants as soon as possible, particularly before reproductive development.

Do Dry-Weather Crops Still Need Fungicides?
Research suggests that applying fungicide in areas of water-stressed plants and low disease pressure will not likely result in a beneficial yield response.

Soybean Puckering and Dwarfing
Soybean dwarf virus, more common in Illinois than soybean mosaic virus, is another disease to watch for when scouting soybean fields.

July Drought and Soybean Prospects
While more optimism remains about soybean prospects than about corn, soybean yield potential is beginning to decline as time goes on without enough water to keep plants functioning well.