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Issue No. 14/July 6, 2012

July 26: Agronomy Day at the Brownstown Agronomy Research Center
University of Illinois Extension specialists and researchers will speak at the free Agronomy Day on Thursday, July 26, at the Brownstown Agronomy Research Center.

Using Drought-Damaged Corn as Livestock Feed
Drought-damaged corn can be safely used for livestock feed, but nitrate toxicity is a risk. Forage nitrate levels must be determined through testing for proper feeding decisions.

Pest Observations and Management Perspectives
Though many pest concerns have faded in the wake of persistent hot, dry weather, those very weather conditions are likely to exacerbate any infestations of twospotted spider mites in soybean fields. In the next 10 days, scouting should be done for silk clipping in corn by western corn rootworm or Japanese beetle adults.

Weed Science Reminders
Treatment signage is still in place for those who would like to visit the University of Illinois weed science plots. The weed science program is providing free screening for herbicide resistance in waterhemp. A free field research tour on July 24 will address management of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Identifying Goss's Wilt in Corn--More than Just Immunostrips
A multistep approach is needed for accurate identification of Goss's wilt, which may be present in Illinois this season.

Stress on Corn at Pollination
Though the start to the growing season was outstanding for corn, and most producers did everything right to establish good yield potential, there is by now little reason for optimism in light of the ongoing hot, dry weather.