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Issue No. 22/September 2, 2004

Follow-up to Our Article Regarding YieldGard Rootworm Corn
Read more about the issue regarding YieldGard Rootworm corn.

Transgenic Corn Rootworm Hybrid Stumbles in Urbana Experiment; Some Producers Also Report Severe Lodging with YieldGard Rootworm Hybrids in Commercial Fields
Some rootworms survive after feeding on the roots of current transgenic hybrids for control of corn rootworm larvae. Efficacy trials will hopefully help illuminate why. Research results for 2003 and 2004 are discussed, and a Q&A addresses key questions regarding resistance and other potential explanations.

2004 Evaluations of Rootworm Control Products
Data is presented on the performance of various corn rootworm control products this season.

Hessian Flies and Fly-Free Dates
Average dates for planting wheat to avoid economic losses from Hessian fly in the subsequent year are listed by Illinois county.

Western Corn Rootworm Scouting Report Form
Corn rootworm injury in first-year cornfields has continued to be noticed in new areas of Illinois. Trap counts from producers who have been monitoring soybean fields for corn rootworms would be appreciated.

Brown Stem Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome: Similar Yet Different Damaging Soybean Diseases
Symptoms, loss potential, and management suggestions for brown stem rot and sudden death syndrome are detailed. Scouting and correct diagnosis of these similar diseases are critical for optimal management.

Toward the Finish Line
The likely effects of an unusually cool August in Illinois for corn and soybean are described. There is less concern for reduced yields with corn than with soybean.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.