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Issue No. 12/June 22, 2012

Japanese Beetles, Corn Rootworm Beetles, and Twospotted Spider Mites: Key Pests to Monitor in the Coming Weeks
The dry and hot weather intensifies the importance of monitoring corn and soybean fields for insect pests, because crops are more vulnerable to yield loss.

Considerations With Postemergence Herbicides Applied During Wet or Dry Conditions
Don't delay applying a postemergence herbicide to allow more weeds to emerge.

Large Weeds May Warrant Alternative Control Methods
The large size of certain summer annual weeds may call for deploying less common control tactics.

Target Diseases When Considering Foliar Fungicides for Corn
Research results make it clear that disease pressure plays a critical role in the magnitude and consistency of yield response to a foliar fungicide application in corn.

Are We Really Seeing Potassium-Deficient Corn and Soybean?
Many farmers are seeing symptoms of potassium deficiency for the first time in their corn and soybean fields--what can be done?