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Issue No. 11/June 15, 2012

Looking Below the Surface: Do You Have a Corn Nematode Problem?
Symptoms of corn nematodes can resemble those caused by other problems; a reliable diagnosis is the key to knowing whether nematodes are the cause of yield loss.

Injury to Bt Corn Observed: Western Corn Rootworm Adults Have Emerged
Western corn rootworm adults have been observed earlier than ever this year. Has a resistant population developed in Illinois?

Western Corn Rootworm and Bt Resistance: Resistance Experts Weigh In
Two university entomologists are cautioning the US EPA about refuge requirements that they believe are inadequate for Bt hybrids that offer corn rootworm protection.

Crops and Water
How are crops faring in this ongoing period of less-than-normal rainfall? Looking at dryness from the crop's perspective may differ from the human perspective.