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Issue No. 10/June 8, 2012

Injury to Bt Corn Observed: Western Corn Rootworm Adults Have Emerged
The western corn rootworm "season" is underway at a pace earlier than expected this year.

Reminder: Weed Science Field Research Tours
The University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day is Wednesday morning, June 20, in Urbana. An on-farm field tour focusing on herbicide-resistant weeds will be held Tuesday, July 24, in Douglas County.

Corn and Soybean Diseases: Update and Outlook
Relatively dry weather has contributed to a minimum of corn and soybean diseases this season in Illinois, but a few have been observed or may develop.

Corn Crop Appears Sulfur-Deficient in Western Illinois
Recent symptoms in western Illinois corn suggest sulfur deficiency in some fields, though it will likely disappear with continued root development and sufficient rainfall.